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- Jul 13, 2024

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Travel Solo With Olivia

On Olivia’s large cruises and resorts, you’ll meet hundreds of lesbians and LGBTQ+ women traveling independently, just like you. Whether single looking for romance or simply traveling solo looking to make new friends, your vacation will be filled with events that will get you connected.

Before Your Trip

Haven’t signed up for a trip yet? Want to travel but unsure about going Solo? Olivia has you covered with our popular Solos Program where inclusivity is core. If you are looking for a roommate, Olivia can arrange a room-share for you, making your vacation even more affordable*. Or you can choose to book your room all to yourself. Once you book your vacation, connect with other solo travelers on our private Facebook group page.

During Your Vacation

Consider your Solos Coordinators your hosts for the week. You’ll be greeted the minute you arrive on your vacation with a Solos schedule and your Olivia Solos necklace – a signature “Olivia” dog tag that allows other Solos to find you easily. Wear it if you want or tuck it away as a souvenir. Enjoy dances, mixers, sunset cruises, Solos seating at meals and nightly shows – attend any (or all!).

*View our Room Share Agreement


Room Share Agreement

Solo travelers specifically opt to travel with us because they know they will be welcomed with open arms. For starters, our Room Share program will find a traveling companion for you so you can share the cost of the room.

Our Room Share program is only available on select trips and categories. The program is also not available to book online.

For terms and conditions, please view the Room Share Agreement.

View Agreement

The following trips are eligible for our Room Share Program:


Call an Olivia Travel Consultant at 800.631.6277 or International 415.962.5700 to inquire about traveling solo, whether you decide to particpate in our Room Share program or book a room to self!