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Olivia Testimonials

Olivia has had the pleasure of taking nearly 300,000 lesbians and LGBTQ+ women on trips across the world in the last 30 years. We’ve had adventures from the Arctic to the Caribbean, and countless stories to tell. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what some of our incredible guests have to say about traveling with us.

"Olivia's vacations replenish my heart and soul because I am with my people in beautiful surroundings."


"Thank you to team Olivia (AKA Sarah Schwimmer) and the UnCruise crew for a great trip! From hiking to kayaking to rafting to wine tasting it was a blast. It’s so wonderful to be with the Olivia Travel group wherever we go in the world. ‘Til next time!" (Columbia River Adventure Cruise)


"I do love traveling with women, feels very safe and nice to meet so many different women. But it was the country, the animals, and the people who made the trip priceless." (Africa Safari Adventure)


" For One Week: For one week, my wife didn’t fear being yelled at that she was in the wrong bathroom when she entered the women’s room. For one week, we could hold hands in public without fear. For one week, I didn’t have to say I have a wife, NOT a husband if someone noticed my wedding ring. For one week, we made incredible friendships with women who share our lived experiences and who invited us into their homes and lives. For one beautiful amazing week we were surrounded by the best in woman-identified culture. For one week, we felt loved, safe, and seen. Then Sunday came way too fast and we were back in the real world. Judy tried to prepare us Olivia-virgins for how hard re-entry would be, but it is 4:30 am on Wednesday morning and I can’t sleep because I feel so sad to no longer have all that we had for one precious week. Thank you #oliviatravel for giving us that one life-changing week. We will be back!"(50th Anniversary Caribbean Cruise)


"Olivia's music was the first touchstone for many of us coming out in the 70s. Music for, from and about us reinforced our journey and joy in being women loving women!!! And now bringing us together to celebrate that love! Thank you!" (Olivia's 50th Anniversary Hard Rock Cabo Resort)


"So, even though we know that traveling with Olivia costs a bit more, we think it’s totally worth it and have never regretted a trip. We’ve also travelled independently and with much smaller groups. Although these other trips have also been wonderful and rewarding, we love what Olivia offers and the places it’s taken us. Priceless."


"Well thought out vacations & excursions! Been on two trips and have two more booked! Nothing like it anywhere else! Haven't gone? You are missing out!!"


"The best way to travel! On every Olivia trip, I know that I am safe, loved and guaranteed to have the trip of a lifetime. I have made lifelong friends and cherished memories on Olivia trips, and that my priceless!"


"Olivia hit a grand slam on this trip! It exceeded my expectation. I had a wonderful time. I met many nice, friendly people and enjoyed every minute of the trip--thank you. I feel it was one of the best investments of my life." (Vietnam, Cambodia & Mekong River)


"Love Olivia, best trips ever!!!! It will not disappoint, if you have never been, plan your trip soon, you will love it."


"We’ve made some wonderful and long-lasting friendships on Olivia trips. On virtually every trip we have connected with interesting women from every state in the U.S. and around the world. We love the feeling of safety and comfort we know we can count on."


"All Olivia representatives were energetic, happy, and provided excellent service! I have no complaints! I appreciated Judy’s ‘meet and greet’ kind of talk about Olivia, and how she walked around the resort and pool and talked to anyone. I appreciate the hard work of all the Olivia staff. We will always support Olivia."


"You guys are the best and we will continue to travel with the best travel company in the world."


"The Solos Program is a big part of why I’ve been on 10 Olivia trips! The thought of going on a trip by myself went from scary (before my first Olivia trip) to something I really look forward to, each time. Of course, you’re no longer “by yourself”, once you arrive at an Olivia cruise or resort!"


"Can’t remember what a vacation was like before Olivia!"


"The whole experience, being with all women, the friends you meet & make, the happy energy is abundant!"


"This was one of the best trips we have ever taken with Olivia and we would do it again in a heartbeat." (Alaska & Glacier Bay Adventure Cruise)


"I love the trips with Olivia. The staff is outstanding. I love the cruises and we’ll as the resorts. I have met so many wonderful people that I consider family."


"My travel experiences with Olivia have been life changing and empowering (I was never “out” until my first Olivia cruise). Traveling the world with amazing women, I have had the opportunity to see and experience places and people I have dreamed of visiting all of my life. But most of all, I now have friends from all over the world that enrich my life in so many ways. I’m planning my 20th Olivia adventure next year!"


"If you have never traveled with Olivia, please do yourself a favor and book a trip."


"I have been trying to explain this feeling to friends and family. They just don’t quite get it because they haven’t experienced it. This was my first Olivia cruise at 65 years young and I already scheduled another. For the first time in my LIFE I felt I could totally relax and be me, without the stares, comments and judgmental looks! THANK YOU OLIVIA!!!"" (50th Anniversary Caribbean Cruise)


"I’ve returned from yet another unforgettably fun and inspiring week at the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos, celebrating Olivia Travel’s 50th year anniversary! From the incredible guests with such strength and powerful stories, to the amazing talent (comedians, artists, dj’s, proteam, management, visionaries), to classes offered in self defense, dance, yoga, vision workshops, to a foam party and ALL the crazy pool games - it was magical and I’m pinching myself because it has to be a dream… come true! 🌈 Much love and thank you for the incredible connections. I’ll talk with and see you soon! 💋 💋 💋 hugs! (Olivia's 50th Anniversary Hard Rock Cabo Resort)


"Ineffable, stellar, unfathomable, exquisite, 50 years of sisterhood." (Olivia's 50th Anniversary Caribbean Cruise)

Ann Janine

"We have been on 26 Olivia vacations and one planned for the future-for right now! They are the best experiences. The staff are amazing and tireless!"


"Olivia is much more than a travel company. It is an experience in which geography is the glue that brings together a world of women. You can explore the physical terrain and that which lies within you in the same step or you can simply be yourself in the still of love and acceptance. I have enjoyed the very high-end luxury of the owner’s suite and the ease of the entry level price point. Both were magical because the people - the bonds make the trip. Go. it will change your life - or as it was in my case save it."


"Every single trip has been a blast! Olivia isn’t just a travel company, it’s a family. I feel right at home every time I travel with them. It’s definitely a magical experience. I look forward to many more great adventures with Olivia. #beautifultogether"


"Amazing what this company has done for women. To be who you are and feel safe traveling the world. God bless you!"


"This was our first Olivia cruise, and first ever cruise! My heart is bursting! I never realized how many different types and flavors of Women Loving Women there are! Seeing and chatting with people like myself brought me so much joy… Thank you Olivia. 🌊🏳️‍🌈🛳️ 🏳️‍🌈 🌊 " (Olivia's 50th Anniversary Caribbean Cruise)


"If you are a lesbian, there is no better way to travel than with Olivia! Thank you, Judy, for making this possible."


"We had a great time on our vacation with Olivia Travel. Just to relax and not being judged made the trip worth every penny spent. Met a lot of new life long friends. Can’t wait to see where Olivia takes us next. Job well done Terry Lynn!!" (Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta)


"I highly recommend going on at least one—or more—Olivia vacations. The staff is great, and the attendees are So Much FUN. You will have fond memories and new family and friends!"


"The resort was great, staff went above & beyond. Olivia group is always helpful & pleasant. We spoke spoke with Judy a few times & she is a wonderful, down to earth woman. We are so happy we took the jump to Olivia vacations."


"All arrangements were made for me including luggage was taken care of off and on the planes from soup to nuts. All plane arrangements were scheduled. Guides and Micato are awesome! Jill is awesome! All the women on the trip were awesome! I had the trip of a lifetime thank you Olivia!!" (Africa Safari Adventure)


"Olivia Travel is the ONLY way I can imagine vacationing! Judy and crew take every measure possible to ensure that our vacations with them will be a life-changing experience with all the fun, laughter, and excitement our hearts can handle! The entertainment is top-notch and the Entertainers are awesome, talented, engaging, and down-to-earth! You'll understand what I'm saying once you travel with us!"


"Every detail was covered. EVERY!!! So many special touches. Olivia, you continue to excel!!" (Africa Safari Adventure)


"Grateful to be a part of this amazing space. I’m so happy with this trip’s entertainment line up, shout out to TL!!! There is so much our queer community has to offer and I cannot wait to continue to be introduced to new talent on these trips. What a wonderful trip, as always. All your beautiful faces, new friends, laughter, dancing! It does not get any better than this." (Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta)


"I had a wonderful time on the cruise! I think I'll do only riverboats from now on. They are so much more intimate and relaxed than a big ship. The way Olivia had all the excursions planned and how flawlessly they all were pulled off was impressive! Letty and Angela were so kind, fun, and helpful...saying thanks to them seemed inadequate for all they did for us. They deserve gold stars!! Thanks again for being a part of such a wonderful organization...And thanks to Olivia for giving lesbians a safe and fun way to have such memorable vacation." (Amsterdam to Switzerland Riverboat Cruise)


"About to go on our fourth Olivia vacation! We're definitely hooked! So much freedom, so much fun!"


"Being of the age of so many original Olivia women and having taken a 2005 Olivia cruise to the Caribbean, I will never forget the miracle of being on a ship in the company of hundreds of lesbians. Thank you for your existence and service to our community."


"It is always an amazing experience when traveling with Olivia and the entertainment and staff are top notch! It is really the only way we travel!"


"Just came home from my 3rd Olivia Cruise. This company serves up magic! From the indescribable feeling I got the moment I stepped onto the ship, to the outstanding entertainment, to the fabulous Olivia staff, to the instant camaraderie with fellow travelers, each day was better than the next. I strongly recommend booking a vacation with them!"


"Olivia did a fantastic job during the Budapest Riverboat cruise. I can't think of one thing that could have been better...even the rain didn't make the trip less incredible. Thanks for such a wonderful trip!" (Prague to Budapest Riverboat Cruise)


"We love Olivia. I met my wife on an Olivia cruise in 2006. We've done about 16 trips with Olivia and plan to do more in the future. Thank you for providing a fun and safe environment for us to be with family and meet new friends."


"Best description is summer camp for lesbians. Bonded in a world of love, joy and acceptance. Most of us walk through life always having to look over our shoulder wondering what jack ass we have offended and how we might be harassed or assaulted for just being who we were born to be. But for this sacred time, we are free. All while building lifelong friendships bonded over the pure joy of being who we were born to be."


"I have yet to properly formulate how to describe my week in Turks and Caicos with my Olivia family! EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of this trip was MAGIC! I have sincere appreciation and gratitude for my friends that I knew and the new friends I’ve made, the Olivia staff, the Club Med staff, the people of Turks, my little bestie that accompanied me, everything and everyone that was brought together to make this the best trip EVER!!! There are no words to fully explain it and I’m good with that. This is what I got for now 😁😁😁 So much magic y’all! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Until next time…I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!"


"Nicoll and team are always professional, have every detail managed, helpful, fun, and a class act. Thank you for bringing Lesbians together, creating a safe environment and taking us on amazing trips. It feeds my soul to travel with you and your guests. Patagonia was magnificent and I hope you offer it again so others can see its beauty." (Untamed Patagonia Adventure)


"This was my first Olivia vacation. It far exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed every minute and we have already booked our second cruise to Pacific West coast. The Buffett line was good most days, deserts were always delish." (Ultimate Alaskan Summer Cruise)


"What an absolutely fabulous adventure of a lifetime! Thank you to Olivia and Lima Tours for all your hard work in putting together this tour. And thank you to all the wonderful women we met on the trip. We couldn't have done it without your daily encouragement, laughter, positive attitude. (Machu Picchu Adventure)


"Thank you, Olivia Travel for another O-mazing week! I had a wonderful time meeting new people and reconnecting with people that I've previously met. Thanks to everyone who I met. You don't know how much it means to me for you to spend your time getting to know me. I am truly grateful for the joy of experiencing this week with the ladies of Olivia. Until next time." (Olivia's 50th Anniversary Hard Rock Cabo Resort)


"Love you, love you all. I could never have believed the supportive and welcoming environment on board an Olivia ship until I was there."


"I believed vacations were about resting before I went to my first Olivia Resort. Now I know that you can rest when you're home and 4 hours is enough sleep! Olivia vacations make you want to wake up at 7am and go to sleep at 3am. You really don't want to miss a thing."


"Every Olivia trip has their “solo” traveler activities. Solo travelers have the same fun if not more! And fellow Olivians always include solos to join them at dinner, shows, excursions etc. Its like we’ve all been friends forever! So pick a trip..any trip!"


"This trip exceeded every expectation. My wife and I booked this as our belated honeymoon in conjunction with a friend’s 50th birthday celebration. The freedom of living our authentic selves for that week was life changing. Thank you. " (Ultimate Alaskan Summer Cruise)


"I was grateful for the opportunity to thank Judy personally last night because my story is like so many of yours. Olivia Records (back in the day) was my lifeline to a community of women like myself. I love that we’re all still connected through the music, comedy, and travel. See you again soon! ❤️" (Olivia's 50th Anniversary Hard Rock Cabo Resort)


We had the best time and have already told everyone they should go. Every Olivia staff member was pleasant to work with and that couldn’t have been easy to deal with all of us! I was really amazed at how much interaction we had with the entertainment when they weren’t on was great to see that they too enjoyed being there (and coming back again and again).(Ultimate Alaskan Summer Cruise)


"It’s the best way to enjoy a great holiday. Meet different people from around the world. Olivia has an excellent staff who work with lots of love. Those of us who travel alone feel very comfortable and enjoy the fullest. Thanks for existing Olivia travel."


"I had such a wonderful time as a solo traveler on the Olivia cruise to Norway that I can't wait to go on the next one! The solos coordinators were so welcoming and kind that I felt more a part of a community than just a woman on vacation."