Ashager Araro

Ashager Araro is the woman breaking down barriers in Israel. Born in Ethiopia, Araro came to Israel as an infant on Operation Solomon, a covert military mission that airlifted Ethiopian Jews to Israel in 1991. One of eight siblings, she grew up in central Israel and went on to excel in the Israel Defense Forces, where she rose to the rank of Lieutenant in the prestigious Paratroopers Brigade (now Captain in res.). Following her military service, Araro pursued a career in diplomacy and social advocacy, visiting countries around the world to engage audiences as a proud black, Jewish, Zionist, Israeli woman. Active on social media, she uses her significant presence on Twitter/ Instagram to speak on crucial topics and shed light on the diversity of the Jewish people. Ashager received the "Light of Israel" award in 2021 by Israel MFA for her work. Alongside her fulfilling work in public diplomacy, Ashager built Battae, a center for Ethiopian Israeli heritage. Through educational programs, the center enables Israelis and members of the global Jewish community to explore the unique story and contributions of Ethiopian Jews in Israel.