KURTY is one of the hottest female DJ's and music producers out there!! 

Known for her captivating and hard hitting mixes of deep funky house to electro progressive house, what truly sets KURTY apart is experiencing her LIVE. Her unique ability to tune into the crowd takes you through an unforgettable experience. Her high energy, as she famously dances and sings behind the decks, embraces you while she pulls you along with her on a captivating musical journey.  â€¯ 

Having practiced Yoga for a number of years, KURTY finally received her certification to teach. This has brought KURTY to another level of connection; not only with her music, but with the people she shares it with. She understands that connecting with her crowd is the most important aspect of DJ'ing. KURTY's intuition, deep connection to the pulse of the party, and love for the music is reflected on the ecstatic faces of the crowds at her shows.  

KURTY grew up in New Jersey. She immersed herself in the NYC club scene, frequenting notable clubs like Sound Factory, Roxy, and the Limelight. After following her first passion, traveling the world playing professional soccer, KURTY returned back to the States, moved to San Francisco and fell in love with the amazing energy of the city. Her passion for DJ'ing, producing and remixing music was RE-IGNITED! KURTY also has her hand in promoting events, including her past event "UNITY" and her new 2016 event "GLITTER BOX."  If you haven't seen, heard or connected with KURTY performing, or have been to one of her events, this needs to go on your bucket list!