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2019 Ultimate Alaskan Cruise

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Joining us (or thinking about joining us) on Olivia's 2019 Ultimate Alaskan Summer Cruise? Come on in and let's chat!

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So Where Are You All From??

Last post 06/16/2019, 9:25 AM by OliviaTravel35663. 2 replies.
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Re: So Where Are You All From??

06/16/2019, 9:25 AM

Karen and Bunny - nice to meet you!  Yes, we must figure out a way to connect once on the ship.

We aren't retired "yet" - but that day will be here in about 8 years!

For Sharon's Birthday - I just gave her another Olivia RiverBoat Cruise for July 2020 to France (Burgundy to Provence).  We're both excited about that one too....but refuse to talk about that one until Alaska is over.

My folks went on a cruise to Alaska years ago - (back in the 80's) - and my Dad took all of these beautiful pictures.....BUT forgot to put film in his camera!  I reminded him of that yesterday on his 80th birthday.  He said he's glad the days of film are long behind us - and expects to see pictures this time!

See you SOON!


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Re: So Where Are You All From??

05/06/2019, 1:37 PM

Hello Cindy & Sharon,

Nice to see some fellow North Carolinians.  My wife ,Bunny & I (Karen) are excited to see and take in Alaska.  This isn't our 1st Olivia cruise, but we're sure looking forward to it. Hope we'll get to touch bases with one another.  We're retired and living on the southern coast of NC--in Ocean Isle Beach.



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So Where Are You All From??

02/19/2019, 12:36 PM

Sharon and I are from Hendersonville (near Asheville) North Carolina.  This will be our second Olivia cruise and I'm very excited!  I've never been to Alaska before - and hope we do find some non-touristy areas (I know, kind of difficult with a cruise ship) - but no matter what it's going to fun....and COOL!!!  We've done the Caribbean cruises - now it's time for some new sites!  Maybe dog sledding? Fishing? And just the beautiful scenery!

 What get's YOU excited about the upcoming trip?

 Cindy (and Sharon too) 

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