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About Olivia

Olivia provides great cruise, resort, river boat and adventure vacations for lesbians.

Life is too short for cookie cutter vacations. When you travel with Olivia, you are not just going on vacation. You are a part of something much bigger. Something truly unique. Something extraordinary. (And even quite important.)

Olivia is THE Travel company for lesbians! Over the past 40 years, it has evolved into a vibrant community and a culture – one that is, and has always, paved the way for lesbians everywhere. Olivia has truly changed lives – and the world.

We have now taken over 200,000 women on cruise, resort, riverboat and adventure vacations all over the world. These are not ordinary vacations. They are made just for you – and for women like you.

Olivia’s vacations have featured headliners such as Melissa Etheridge, k.d. lang, Heart and the Indigo Girls. Social justice pioneers (Billie Jean King, Edie Windsor, Grethe Cammermeyer), Sports stars (Diana Nyad, Rosie Jones, Martina Navratilova, Sheryl Swoopes) and comedians (Whoopi Goldberg, Lily Tomlin, Wanda Sykes) are no strangers to Olivia, either. Olivia has invited special guests such as Dr. Maya Angelou and the world’s leading personal finance expert, Suze Orman. Olivia also has amazing house entertainers – fantastic singers, comedians and other performers who have become part of the Olivia family.

On an Olivia vacation, you are surrounded by women of all ages and ethnicities from all over the world. We charter entire cruise ships and buy out whole resorts so you can be out and FEEL FREE to be exactly who you are. Whether you travel with your partner, best friends or solo, you’ll fit right in. Just ask anyone who has traveled with us.

The Olivia Experience is something hard to describe until you actually treat yourself to it – and even then, it’s hard to put your feelings and emotions into words. Our guests have described their Olivia vacation experiences as meaningful, profound and even life-changing.

Each Olivia trip has its own special flavor. No matter which vacation you choose, you’ll experience the very best in entertainment, and a commitment to serving our guests that is unparalleled in the travel industry.

On every trip new friendships are formed, partners are found, and we discover the world together with unprecedented freedom to be ourselves without a second thought. Why would you want to travel any other way?

We invite you to experience The Olivia Difference. Join us on one of our upcoming trips. A whole, new world awaits you!

A Message From Olivia

So you've discovered the new! Now just take a breath, let it out, and enjoy the best online destination for lesbians! is the place to connect with women, meet new friends, share stories, find the woman of your dreams, and talk about anything under the sun. Most of all, it's a place where you can feel free to be you. Find other lesbians who share you interests and passions and make real connections with other Olivia members. Get started by creating your profile and invite your friends to join in!

Olivia Travel, the premiere lesbian travel company, provides amazing cruise and resort vacations for lesbians worldwide. We create unforgettable holidays for women from around the world. From upscale European luxury trips to Caribbean cruise holidays filled with 1,800 women, or Club Med resort buy outs on island paradises, Olivia creates amazing all-lesbian vacations. We help lesbians travel the world—our guests have visited Europe, the Galapagos, the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Africa, Tahiti and French Polynesia, Antarctica and the Amazon on our trips. Olivia has over 20 years of experience serving the lesbian traveler; we have taken over 100,000 women on 150 lesbian vacations, and maintain a 98% approval rating for our holidays! Whether you crave a fun-in-the-sun cruise or a stroll through a historic European city, Olivia, as the oldest and largest lesbian travel company, knows how to make your vacation dreams come true. Everything about our cruise, resort, adventure and luxury vacations is done with you, the lesbian traveler, in mind. We bring you outstanding entertainers—female musicians and comedians such as Melissa Etheridge, the Indigo Girls, kd lang, HEART, Margaret Cho, Whoopi Goldberg, Leisha Hailey and Lily Tomlin—and fantastic destinations. Let Olivia take you on your next lesbian vacation! Come on holiday with us, and you will never be the same!