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Tahitian Luxury Cruise 2014

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If flying from Auckland to Papeete

Last post 11/23/2013, 1:38 PM by GoldCoast-girl. 0 replies.
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If flying from Auckland to Papeete

11/23/2013, 1:38 PM

Hello Everyone,


I have enjoyed reading previous posts from this group. 


Just putting notification out there that if anyone is looking at flights now (& will be flying into Papeete from Auckland), the flights don't work in traveller's favour, in terms of the departure and arrival back of the cruise ship.


My partner & I have just booked our flights, and the only feasible option was to depart Auckland on Friday 10 October at 5:05pm (on flight NZ40), with arrival to Pappeete the day before, on Thursday 9 October at 11:05pm.


Departing Papeete back to Auckland, we had to choose leaving on Sun 19 October (on NZ41) - this is because flight leaving Papeete on 18 October (when cruise ends) departs at 7:30am.  The cruise ship does not get back into dock until 9:00 am that day.


So, for us, there will be accommodation involved in Papeete on both ends of the cruise trip.  Not too worry.  Papeete is a beautiful place.


Just letting anyone else know who is travelling from Auckland! :) 



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