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2018 Cancun, Mexico

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Joining us (or thinking about joining us) on Olivia's 2018 Cancún, Mexico Resort? Come on in and let's chat!

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Looking for room, suggestions, advice

Last post 03/12/2018, 9:22 PM by WiseHeart. 2 replies.
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Re: Looking for room, suggestions, advice

03/12/2018, 9:22 PM
Hi! Since all the cheaper rooms are taken, I'm thinking of renting the 2-room suite (with 2 full baths), which is 2599 per person til March 30. Would you be interested in sharing that? We'd each get our own room! 

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Re: Looking for room, suggestions, advice

03/07/2018, 2:04 PM



You can book through Olivia as a solo, or you might get lucky simply posting the request like you did.  This will be my 3rd trip, it's been pretty consistent around 20% on all 3 of the trips I've been on.  You're going to have an amazing time.

I'll know by the end of March but not likely sooner if my friend has to bail.  At this moment it is 80% likely.  I bought the early bird pricing on the superior room, basically the cheapest one.  lol. Feel free to message me if you still need a room.  I'm a non-smoker and would be open to sharing if you too are a non-smoker.

 Cheers to a great time :) 

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Looking for room, suggestions, advice

03/05/2018, 1:05 PM

Hi I am planning on coming for this amazing trip solo.  Just wondering if anyone had bought and can not make the trip and wants to sell. 

Also sharing rooms is this done via Olivia office?  Thoughts suggestions welcome.

Those who have been I was told only 10 to 20 percent Solo’s is this accurate?

 thanks 😃 

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